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size of performing area Created: April 28, 2019. Last comment: Associated proposal

Definition of X-Style 9A.1 Created: April 23, 2019. Last comment: Associated proposal

9C.4 Judging Created: April 23, 2019. Last comment: Associated proposal

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Proposal 31: 9C.5 Removing Scores May 20, 2019 Last revision/comment:

Proposal 26: Definition of X-Style 9A.1 May 16, 2019 Last revision/comment:

Proposal 25: 9B.5.5 Run Length May 11, 2019 Last revision/comment:

Proposal 27: 9C.4 Judging (assigning same rank) May 14, 2019 Last revision/comment:

Proposal 30: Minimum Size Of Performing Area May 17, 2019 Last revision/comment:

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Proposal 56: Change judging from rank points to points June 06, 2019 Last revision/comment:

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