Proposal 56: Change judging from rank points to points [ Revision 1 ]

Committee: X-Style
Submitted on 2019-05-20
Status: Failed on June 06, 2019


Using points for the rank limits the range of opinions judges can express. If riders are close in level judges may want to give them points closer points (or tie them) but under the current rules they must choose to promote a higher ranked rider. In this proposal judges are free to give riders 1-10 points and decide how much difference there should be between riders.


9C.4: Judging

Old top:

The judge should rank the riders of the current starting group in order. They should do this by comparing the difficulty of the shown skills. The same skill ...

Old bottom:

The highest and the lowest placing points per rider are discarded. All the remaining placing points get summed up for each rider. The 3 riders with the fewest points win and advance to the next round.


New top:

Riders are judged on a scale from 0-10. Only difficulty is scored. The same skill ...

New Bottom:

To tabulate the scores in a category each judge's score is totaled and each score is restated as a percentage of that judge's total given points. The percentages for each rider from each judge are then added together, creating the final points for riders. The 3 riders with the highest points advance to the next round. For the final round the riders are ranked by points, with the highest points being number 1.


As mentioned in the discussion it's hard for riders to figure out the spread in their group and it's hard for judges to express opinions about which riders are close in level and which are further apart in skill level.


Loosely based off of 7C.5 scoring for freestyle.


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