Welcome to the IUF Rulebook Committee 2018

This committee has been set up to achieve the following objectives:

  1. To establish the general parameters for setting an Generic Rule (eg measurement, witnesses, documentation)
  2. To establish which rules the IUF will recognise
  3. To establish event-specific rules that the IUF recognises

As they are completed, these proposals will be submitted to the IUF Board for approval.


Schedule: (subject to changes)
1 – 30 days after Unicon – Implement website for rulebook; recruit members
September 15 - Open rulebook committee – start discussion and submit proposals
November 10 – last date to submit a proposal for voting
December 1 – All Proposals and voting concluded
Maximum 1 Month after closing rulebook committee – all proposals applied to the Rulebook and sent to committee and IUF board for formal approval
To follow – editing Rulebook for content. Possible splitting of rulebook.
Finally - publishing the final version on Github and the IUF Website


You can always access this committee by going to iuf-rulebook-2018.committees.unicycling-software.com. (Or by going to the IUF Website, and clicking on Rulebook Committee under the IUF menu.)

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