9C.3 Judges (Closed for comments)

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There's no mention of what's required for judges outside of having been briefed in the judges workshop prior to the event. There's also no mention of how judges should be selected outside of just needing to have been at the workshop and that competitors are preferred. Given that there's often multiple competitions running in parallel and potential judges may have different biases it might make sense to beef up the rulebook discussion about what's required of judges. Since it's not actually mandatory to judge and non competitors can judge too, there's also a slight advantage to be gained in not judging and preparing for ones run in a quiet room or with team mates for instance.


Usually how it is run is that each group judges all the groups other than themselves. They should be present for their opponent's runs anyways, and typically they have time before their runs to warm up where only the group that is about to compete may warm up, much like freestyle.


Pairs Judging seems to work best, and as there is often a mix of flat and freestyle riders, I usually have a flat rider pair up with a freestyler to rank fellow riders. Pairs judging helps eliminate biases, and then the flat and freestyle judge can have a discussion to compare tricks and determine if a freestyle trick is harder than a flat trick, and vice versa. 




I will close this discussion as it is further continued in another discussion (See discussion 9C.3: Pair Judging)

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