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Some tricks need a bit of space and in order to let riders show them and prepare i would suggest to set a minimum size of 9 x 12 meters like in Standard Skill.


100% agree that there should be a minimum size for the space offered. We could perhaps even make the performing area larger – in freestyle it's at least 28x15 meters.


Yes, I agree with you both of you and I also think it should be bigger. I like the idea of having the same standard as for the freestyle competition


I agree that a minimum space should be specified in the Rulebook. I agree with 28 x 15 meters, but I would have that requirement for continental and world events. Perhaps the minimum of 12 x 9 meters could be used for smaller events? For reference, a volleyball hard court is 18 x 9 meters so I think any reasonable gym would fit these smaller requirements. 


I agree with Scott.

For larger events it should be 28 X 15 meters, but for smaller events with constraints on space the minimum should be 12 X 9.


I agree with Scott as well.


I created a proposal. Please offer any edits.

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