Proposal 84: Excluding coasting on a freewheeling unicycle from the Coasting disciplines [ Revision 3 ]

Committee: Track
Submitted on 2019-05-23
Status: Set-Aside (Reviewed from May 23, 2019 to May 30, 2019)


In Discussion 160, it was commented that it would be unwanted if someone uses a freewheeling unicycle and keeps his feet on the pedals in the Coasting competetion, because this would create a non-level playing field - only figuratively speaking. This proposal addresses that.



1D.1 Definitions

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1D.1 Definitions

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Coasting: Unless stated differently, Coasting is riding without touching pedals, cranks or any part of the wheel including the tire. (Freewheeling on a freewheel unicycle is not coasting.)


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Discussion where this came up:


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Change Log:

Revision 3 changed by Klaas Bil (26 May 12:49)

Moved the definition of Coasting from its previously proposed location 3B.6.2 to 1D.1.
There is a qualifying remark ("unless stated differently") in 8E.1.11, which has been copied to the new rule.
The definition in 8E.1.11 can thus be deleted, but this is not part of this proposal because it belongs in another subcommittee.

Revision 2 changed by Klaas Bil (24 May 05:19)

Added the tire explicitly to the parts that may not be touched.

Revision 1 changed by Klaas Bil (23 May 12:33)

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