Proposal 74: 200m - adding as a new competition discipline [ Revision 1 ]

Committee: Track
Submitted on 2019-05-22
Status: Failed on June 07, 2019


The IUF World Record Committee has decided to achieve the closest possible link between Word Record Guidelines and the Rulebook and therefore only world records should be kept in disciplines that are also listed as official competition disciplines in the Rulebook. Since the IUF has been publishing a world record over 200m on its website and the IUF World Record Committee has decided to integrate the 200m into the official IUF World Record Guidelines, the 200m should also be included in the rulebook as a competition discipline.

This proposal should not making it a required discipline to be offered at a Unicon!


Old Rule:

No rule


New Rule:

2B.6.X 200m Race

The 200m race is started with a stagger start, where riders are started in separate lanes, at separate locations. In the 200m race, riders must stay in their lane.


For more information and the the improvement of the proposal please look and comment into discussion#151: "200m - adding as a new competition discipline".



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