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For many years the IUF has been publishing a world record over 200m on its website, without having it in the IUF World Record Guidelines. The IUF World Record Committee has decided to integrate the 200m into the official IUF World Record Guidelines, but also wants to achieve a stronger link between the World Record Guidelines and the Rulebook. Therefore the 200m should also be included in the rulebook as a competition discipline without making it a discipline to be offered at a Unicon.

The rule should be as followed:

2B.6.X 200m Race

The 200m race is started with a stagger start, where riders are started in separate lanes, at separate locations. In the 200m race, riders must stay in their lane.


I understand

without making it a discipline to be offered at a Unicon


without making it a required discipline to be offered at a Unicon

If that is correct, I agree.


This would not be a new discipline, it would be an old one. (I'm pretty sure we used to do it, at least at the earliest Unicons...) I don't understand the point of adding it to the Rulebook as an event we don't do, and don't require. We took it out because it was basically what you get if the 100m and 400m had a baby.

If it's to instruct someone on how to ride a 200m race in order to attempt a new record, shouldn't it be in the world record guidelines? Or we could refer to it briefly, as suggested above, or even by saying it runs just like the Athletics version of a 200m race.


In my opinion it‘s good to refer to it as it is in the world record guidelines.


It might be that the 200m race was offered at the first Unicons and with time was removed from the competition program of Unicon. Considering the available time at a Unicon, I don't think it makes sense to really have all the competition disciplines at a Unicon that could possibly be held. I think the fact that the offical IUF World Record List contains a 200m World Record is proof enough that the IUF regards this discipline as a competition discipline. The IUF World Record Committee has decided to achieve the closest possible link between Word Record Guidelines and the Rulebook and therefore only world records should be kept in disciplines that are also listed as official competition disciplines in the Rulebook. So this is the reason, why I want to add this discipline and not to explain to someone how to ride a 200m race.

I aslo wouldn't say, that the 200m would be an "event we don't do, and don't require." I think we should always remember that the IUF rules are not only written for the Unicon, but also for all the other competitions where they are used. And this includes e.g. one-day competitions where it might not be possible to offer 400m and 800m because of the time. The 200m would be a discipline that can be a suitable addition to the competition program for this events. I know that in Germany and Switzerland in the last years often competitions with 200m races have been organized.

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