Proposal 20: Pedal Grab Definition [ Revision 1 ]

Committee: Trials
Submitted on 2019-04-08
Status: Set-Aside (Reviewed from April 08, 2019 to April 18, 2019)


With the new pedal grab scoring method, a clear definition of what constitutes a pedal grab is needed. Tim Desmet wrote a pedal grab definition and almost all members of the trials committee have put our input and made revisions where needed. We ended with the last definition: 


A pedal/crank grab is defined as the rider placing their weight on an obstacle through the bottom of the pedal/crank which is in contact with the obstacle. 

- The foot may touch an obstacle as long as the foot is in full contact with the top of the pedal/crank. 

- A pedal/crank grab is considered complete after a clear takeoff by pushing through the pedal/crank and not though the tyre.

- The pedal/crank may be re-positioned during a pedal/crank grab without being considered a new grab as long as the pedal does not move more than the width of the pedal away from the initial position on the obstacle. i.e. traversing an object in continuous half pedal width grabs will result in multiple pedal/crank grabs recorded.


These rules will be used to train judges and implement the new pedal grab scoring method.



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