Distance of the One Foot Race (add to 2B.6.4)

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In the current version of the rulebook there is no description of the distance of a One Foot Race. I would therefore add a sentence to rule 2B.6.4 One Foot Race.

Old Rule:

2B.6.4 One Foot Race
Riders may pedal with both feet for the first 5 meters, but must be pedaling with only one foot after crossing the 5m line. The 5m line is judged by looking at the tire contact point. This means that the foot must have left the pedal when the unicycle tire is touching the 5m line on the track. The non-pedaling foot may or may not be braced against the unicycle fork.

Adding the following sentence at the beginning: The distance of the One Foot Race is 50 m.


I agree that this is missing in 2B.6.4.

By the way, there is a mention of 50m on page 15 of the Rulebook, and a more vague one on page 37.




That's funny. I think it used to be listed in the name of the event, like "50m One Foot". Yup, good catch!


Funny how some things are lost in revisions.


Please start a proposal about this.


The objective of this discussion/proposal is to add the prescribed race distance of 50m to the rule. I completely agree to the proposed text that implements that.

What this leaves unchanged is the definition of tyre contact point (or patch). The current text in 2B.6.4 is suboptimal in several respects.

I will create a separate discussion about the "tire contact point". This applies not only to the 5m line in One Foot Race, but als to Coasting where we discuss it already in Discussion #78, and to Slow forward and Slow backward.

This new discussion is, even for Coasting, slightly different from Discussion #78. The latter regulates the change from back of the wheel to tyre contact point. The discussion-to-be-created should improve the definition of tyre contact point (or patch).


Re-reading discussion #78, the above-mentioned new discussion would be best placed in the Main Committee. I happen to be a member there too.


Yeah, it's true that the current text about the tire contact point is not very good. But I also think that the Main Committee would be a better place for the discussion, because the tire contact point is mentioned in several places in the rulebook and it makes sense to create a single definition in order to "refer" to it in the other places. Then we can leave this discussion at its original topic and clarify the definition elsewhere.
Since I'm not in the Main Committee it would be great if you could create the discussion there Klaas - thanks a lot.


Have done so. Even non-members can read it, I think.


Connie wrote: "Funny how some things are lost in revisions."

Yup, so the new version is an improvement; separating the distance from the name, or header of the event.  :-)

On the issue of judging at the 5m line, which is off-topic, I was going to comment that this gives riders and extra half wheel rev to get going, or a total of 5.957m for a wheel of exactly 24". We probably already had this conversation, but I think it's a good thing. For any racers that start with their dominant foot at the rear, this gives a bit of extra buffer to make it an easy judgment call at the 5m line.  

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