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How much do you think each category should be worth, knowing "runs" is one of them and "best trick" the other one. To know how many runs and best trick scores would be kept, please follow this discussion: http://iuf-rulebook-2018.committees.unicycling-software.com/discussions/28

Here are a few possible options, please edit or add any if you have better ideas.

Option 1
Run 60%
BT 40%

Option 2
Run 65%
BT 35%

Option 3
Run 70%
BT 30%

Option 4
Run 50%
BT 50%


Option 3. I still prefer to watch consistent stylish riding than one big landed trick.


I would like to see a consistency between flatland and street here. Having the same relation between the last trick and all the other categories in flatland / the run in street would make sense I think.

So if people lean towards option 3 in the weighed scoring system this would translate to Run 84%, Last Trick 16% (or something similar)

This might seem low for the last trick, but if the last trick is weighed too high, riders might decide to go for a smaller trick to get some points for sure (especially considering they have only 3-5 tries)


From the above mentioned options, I would mostly tend towards Option 3 then obviously, which I would too be okay with.


But that's much different than street. Because you have at least 2 landed best trick that will be counted in the scores. That being said I don't see why it would need to follow flatland scoring, they're different competitions afterall.


Yes  they are different competitions. But you can't deny that they are similar. 

They use basically the same judging categories. The use many of the same tricks and have a similar style and look to them.

The difference is that there are multiple runs compared to only one. True, but only one run is counted. 

And there are multiple last tricks instead of one.

But the basic concept is pretty similar so why weigh the judging differently? 


I think you have issues either way with "last trick" last trick here is an attempt to provide bangers that were more commonly seen in street with consistent flowy riding that is generally seen in slopestyle.

Whether last trick is worth 30 or whether it is worth 16 you are still going to have the situation where landing a final trick at all will make the difference between winning and losing. With 5 or 6 tries what smart riders would do is get 2 decent tricks on the board with first two attempts then go for their big stuff to try and get rid of one/two of the decent tricks and replacing it with a banger. Unless you are crazy good going for something youve basically never landed for all 5/6 tries would be a very dangerous method to approach it.

I don't mind having different weightings between this and flatland.

If you look total number of tricks scored in both events and what proportion the best trick makes up of those they are very different


Flatland has combos, so in a 1.5 min run maybe 40+ tricks are scored. Add the 1 final trick that is scored for 41 tricks scored total. Your final trick makes up 2.43% of your scored tricks in the battle.

In street only the best run will be scored. You may have 5-7 tricks in that 40 second line. Of the final tricks, only 2/3 (undecided) will be scored from your attempts. Meaning that you are looking at possibly 60-29% of your total scored tricks coming specifically from those landed in "best trick".

If only 9 landed tricks are likely to make up your entire score and a high proportion of those were ones landed in best trick I think receiving 16% score for those particular tricks may be too low?


Thanks Steven. I have not had the idea of comparing the number of tricks landed. I agree. It should be weighed differently than flatland.

I vote for Option 3.


I like Option 3 - I think the other systems place too much value on the best trick. 


It depends on how many runs / best trick attempts do we agree on in the other discussion; but option 2 or option 3 will be the way to go in my opinion too.


The best trick is NOT a last trick. This competition would be divided in 2, runs and best trick. Literally a mix of slopestyle and classic street.

I think 30% for 2 incredible bangers is not enough. I would see more a 60/40 or a 65/35.


I would go for option 3. 



I could see 60-40 (as I said in the other discussion)


I would also go for option 3 


Seems option 3 is the one to go for

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