Proposal 80: 13D.1 Venue [ Revision 2 ]

Committee: Jumps
Submitted on 2019-05-23
Status: Passed on June 06, 2019


This section was blank in the current Rulebook.

Note: Assuming Proposal 42 (Naming of Jump disciplines) will pass; if not, names here will revert to original.


Old: blank section


13D.1 Venue

A smooth area of sufficient size must be set aside to run jump events. This must include a 15m runway and a 3m landing area for for both high jump events, and a 25m runway and an 8m landing area for Long Jump on Track . Unicycles with metal pedals and marking tire are allowed. Unicycles with metal pedals and marking tire are allowed. The Event Host must organize the competition where marking tires and metal pedals are allowed. If the venues are outdoors, plans must be made to deal with inclement weather. Using an indoor venue can eliminate this problem. The track must be available for enough days to allow for inclement weather


Filling in the missing information.



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