Proposal 72: Update text around adherance to World Record standards [ Revision 1 ]

Committee: Main Committee
Submitted on 2019-05-22
Status: Passed on June 07, 2019


The proposal makes some text changes to make the text clearer and more logical.

The title has been shortened. The old title created the impression that World Records and IUF Records are two separate categories, but actually the IUF recognises only one type of World Records. They are called IUF World Records, in the IUF World Record Guidelines.

A new element is the recommended term of two months to announce that results of a particular event are not valid for World Records (only, of course, if this is actually the case).



1A.5 World Records, IUF Records

The host should ensure that the competition conditions are conducted and recorded according to the IUF Rulebook and the IUF World Record standards. If world record standards cannot be used, then the competition results cannot be used for new world records.


1A.5 IUF World Records

Especially for Unicon or other large conventions, the host is strongly encouraged to ensure that the competitions are conducted and recorded according to the current IUF World Record Guidelines. Competitors will in principle expect that the quality of the results is suitable for world records.

If this is not realistically possible, then the competition results cannot be used for new world records. In this case, every effort must be made that competitors are made aware of this at least two months in advance.


Everything is explained under Background.



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