Proposal 5: Overview chapter (definition) [ Revision 3 ]

Committee: Street
Submitted on 2018-10-30
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Starting to clean up chapter.

Rider Summary is kept in section A for Chapter 11 for consistency with the whole Rulebook. This proposal is now only about the definition.



11A Overview
11A.1 Definition

Street is a skills competition where riders perform tricks on urban obstacles (stair sets, platforms, ramps, rails, etc.). Riders are judged on the skill and creativity of moves and combinations they do. The competition consists of preliminary rounds, followed by a final.



11A Overview
11A.1 Definition
Street is a competition held on a dense street course. The competition is divded in two parts; runs and best trick. Runs are a set amount of time to complete tricks on the course. Best Tricks are individual attempts at landing impressive tricks.

The competition area will include a large stair set with handrails on both sides and smaller obstacles such as rails, ledges, boxes.







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