Proposal 47: Update Standard Skill Officials to not refer to Artistic officials [ Revision 2 ]

Committee: Freestyle
Submitted on 2019-05-16
Status: Passed on June 03, 2019


Remove text that was clearly copied from the Artistic Freestyle Chapter during reorganization.


Old rule:

8C.1 Standard Skill Officials

Artistic Director: The head organizer and administrator of artistic events. The Artistic Director’s job starts well before the convention, arranging equipment for the gyms (or performing areas) and recruiting the other artistic officials. With the Convention Host, the Artistic Director determines the operating systems, paperwork and methods to be used to run the events. With the Chief Judge, the Artistic Director is in charge of keeping events running on schedule, and answers all questions not pertaining to rules and judging. The Artistic Director is the highest authority on everything to do with the artistic events, except for decisions on rules and results.

Chief Judge: Like the Referee, the Chief Judge should be a thoroughly experienced person who must above all be objective and favor neither local, nor outside riders. The Chief Judge must be thoroughly familiar with all of the artistic officials’ jobs and all aspects of artistic rules. The Chief Judge oversees everything, deals with protests, and answers all rules and judging questions. The Chief Judge is responsible for seeing that all artistic officials are trained and ready, and that the artistic riding areas are correctly measured and marked on the floor. The Chief Judge is also responsible for the accuracy of all judging point tabulations and calculations.

8C.2 Training Officials

As the rules state, competitions cannot be started until all key artistic officials have been trained and understand their tasks. For Artistic events, the Chief Judge is in charge. For certain artistic events, a minimum level of judging experience is required. See section 7C.4.

New Rule:

8C.1 Standard Skill Officials

The host must designate the following officials for Standard Skill:

• Standard Skill Director

• Chief Judge

8C.2 Training Officials

Remove section.


Simple is good.



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