Proposal 41: 1 B.6 Transgender Riders [ Revision 4 ]

Committee: Main Committee
Submitted on 2019-05-13
Status: Passed on June 11, 2019


There is some great discussion about this issue and if individuals who are transitioning are creating unfair competition. Mark suggested that we keep it simpler for this Rulebook committee.


OLD: nothing

NEW: 1 B.6  Transgender Riders
The IUF is committed to providing an open and safe environment for people of all genders. A rider may register with the gender (male or female) with which the rider identifies most.


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Change Log:

Revision 4 changed by Connie Cotter (04 Jun 17:38)

Keeping it simple. Adding "open and safe environment".

Revision 3 changed by Connie Cotter (03 Jun 15:12)

Added the gender binary choice.

Revision 2 changed by Connie Cotter (29 May 20:53)

Slight change to the wording; took out the 6-year clause.

Revision 1 changed by Connie Cotter (13 May 07:20)

Votes on this proposal:

21 out of 23 voting members have voted.

Agree: 11, Disagree: 5, Abstain: 5.

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