Proposal 36: Anti-doping statement [ Revision 3 ]

Committee: Main Committee
Submitted on 2019-05-10
Status: Passed on May 27, 2019


Currently, there is no policy or statement in the rulebook concerning doping. This proposal will add such a statement. The discussions revealed that a simple statement highlighting the IUF's stance in this regard would be most appropriate, without going into specifics that are impossible to enforce anyway.



OLD: -

NEW: include this statement in the 1B.1 Personal Responsibility section:

"The International Unicycling Federation does not support performance enhancing drugs in sport and strives for clean competition."




Please see the detailed discussions leading up to this proposal.


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Change Log:

Revision 3 changed by Ben Soja (18 May 02:00)

Changed it back to "strive".

Revision 2 changed by Ben Soja (12 May 17:53)

strive -> desire

Revision 1 changed by Ben Soja (10 May 11:15)

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22 out of 23 voting members have voted.

Agree: 21, Disagree: 0, Abstain: 1.

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