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Muni competitions take place in nature and we should respect and protect this environment. I found rules that cover this issue in the rulebook of enduro mountain bike racing and I have slightly adapted them:


- The disposal of food packaging on the trail is strictly prohibited.

- The  IUF  and  its  local  organisers  reserve  the  right  to  penalise  any  rider whose actions are deemed to seriously damage the local environment.

- Riders must not store food and drinks or clothing and equipment on the trail (Food/Gear Stashes). Packaging left behind and uncontrolled food supplies may have a serious impact on local wildlife and the local environment. Any rider found to be hiding or retrieving supplies from unofficial feed / tech stations will be penalised.

- Riders must not store or drop clothing or equipment on the trail (Kit Stashes) during Official Training or racing. All riders must remain self-sufficient and carry off the mountain what they carry onto it.

Recommended penalties:

Environmental Disrespect (e.g. cutting new trail): 10 seconds - Disqualification
Purposeful disposal of waste on the trail: Disqualification
Food / Kit stashing: 5 minutes


I believe it would be good to include a section like this in our rulebook. Not because it has been an issue in the past, but to cover all eventualities in the future.



We usually lack of referees to control running, or other rules. The referees are not experts, they receive judging instructions before race. 
Similar story with competitors. Most of them have never read the rulebook.

In my opinion the rules for environmental impact although very correct seems to be unnecessary hassle and volume maker. We would normally receive better result when organizing proper workshops.


Do we have Enduro races? I kind of agree with Maksym in that this idea is a good one, but perhaps too early.

Self-sufficiency must be addressed in events where it would benefit riders to have stashes. But then it must be coached to riders at the start, and the penalties should be very strict. I would change your 5 minutes to disqualification.

For littering (disposal of waste), the penalty should be for "intentional" disposal; should not apply to someone who puts the empty bottle in their pack and it later falls out.

Environmental disrespect can come in many forms. (Intentionally) Cutting new trail should also result in disqualification. Purposeful "modification" of the trail or surrounding environment in a negative way, should also have severe consequences. All people that appreciate riding trails must be stewards of those trails.

But all of the above would also be extremely hard to enforce. We won't have loads of officials along a long course, and wherever those officials are, they are less likely to see any violations if the rider sees them first. But I do like the idea of this.


We might not race Enduro, but the XC section lists a Marathon distance (30+ km), where food/water stacks could be very beneficial.

Enforcement is possible to a certain extent. Probably not an every section of a long XC course, but we do have volunteers on the course that could penalize riders if they see them littering. This should not be a reason for not having these rules in the rulebook. Otherwise, we should get rid of 50% of all existing rules... For example, the no running rule can also not be enforced on 100% of the course.



Problem with littering concerns not only Muni but other disciplines equally. 
I would push this thread into General committee and try to extend rule "1.B.1. Personal responsibility".


This is not exclusively about littering. Yes, some of the rules could also apply to road racing, but not really to other disciplines. I think it would be better to keep this in the muni committee.


Why wouldn't this apply to Urban or Freestyle or Track events?
  (I often see trash left behind...)

I agree with Maksym. This is a good extension of 1.B.1.


Yes, the littering aspect could apply to all events. Food/water/gear deposits not so much. Also, I think it would be hard to come up with concrete rules and penalties that can apply to all disciplines. For example, if someone throws away a water bottle out there on the trail while racing muni, I would say it's a clear disqualification. If a trials rider puts away an empty water bottle, just to pick it up and put it into a bin after the competition, probably no penalty should apply.

If someone could come up with a good rule that could fit 1.B.1, please go ahead!


Majority was for a rule within chapter 1 - I will close this here.

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