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As I checked, there are currently no guidelines in the rulebook about deciding who starts the battle. How we usually do it - which I believe how it should be - is that the rider who qualified higher from prelims can decide who begins.

Furthermore, we should also define who starts with the last trick, and in what order last tricks are attempted:

- the same rider starts the last tricks who started the battle / the rider who qualified higher from prelims can decide again (if so, when they need make the decision: before the battle or right before the last tricks?)

- the first rider has 3 attempts and then the other rider has 3 attempts / riders attempt their last tricks alternately

In my opinion, the rider who qualified higher from prelims should be able to decide who starts the last tricks after the time is over (so it could be one rider starting the battle and the other one starting the last tricks or the same); and that riders should do their attempts alternately.

What are your thoughts?


It's already in the rulebook.


"The rider with

better ranking from the preliminary round chooses which rider starts the battle [...] The rider who started the

battle starts the last trick. "



True, my bad - thank you! ( 10B.6.3.1 )

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