800m - moving the start variants from 2B.6.9 to 2B.6.3

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The current rulebook contains two different variants for the 800m start in rule "2B.6.9 Lane Use". Since this rule is only used at 800m for the disciplines mentioned in the rulebook, I think it would be more logical to move this rule to the 800m section and list it under "2B.6.3 800m Race".


Indeed, in 2B.6.9 there are some specific rules about start configuration for 800m. But also for 400m.
But most of 2B.6.9 is common to all track racing.

I'm not against your suggestion, but then we need to do it for 400 m also.
That said, I'm fine with leaving it as it is, so that all lane use rules (including lane use for starts) are in one place.


You are right that rule 2B.6.9 also contains a sentence for the 400m start, which of course should also be moved to the corresponding rule (2B.6.2 400m Race).
2B.6.9 is not common to all track racing disciplines, it is a rule that actually describes the allowed behaviour during the race for all lane-based races - and only for lane-based races! (For non-lane-based races there is rule 2B.6.9)

I think the starting line-up (and that's what the sentence in 2B.6.9 for the 400m describes) belongs in the description of the discipline and it might make sense to add a corresponding sentence for the other disciplines (100m, One Foot, Wheel Walk) as well (For example something like:"All riders start at the same height, but all in their own lanes."). Some elements are already included in the description of the discipline. (2B.6.5 Wheel Walk: "Riders start mounted, with one or both feet on the tire, [...]").


I am not against implementing these changes (but I don't think they're that important either).

While you're at it, you could swap the sequence of the two start configurations for 800m. The waterfall start is rarely used, in my experience.


In my opinion it is not really necessary to change anything here. It seems pretty clear that you can choose which option for 800m and for 400m and all the other races it is very clear how to start.


I agree with Mirjam.


I also don't want to say that a change is really necessary - which things are really necessary? - but I think it would improve the rules and I simply like it to improve things. For us the starting line-up at 400m and 800m may be clear and they can be found in the rules, so I can understand that you alk: Why change anything? And for us it may also be clear that at 100m, One Foot and Wheel Walk all riders start at the same height and everyone in his own lane... but that doesn't come out of our rules. This is our "historical knowledge" and experience. I think it's also clear to all of us that a One Foot race is done over a distance of 50m - and yet I think something like that should be mentioned in the rules.

Shifting the sentences that refer to the starting line-up to the corresponding descriptions of the disciplines simply makes the rules a bit simpler. After all, the corresponding sentences refer exclusively to the disciplines mentioned therein and I think it is simply most logical and clear to find such remarks directly at the discipline descriptions.

Let's have a look at the current rule 2B.6.3 800m Race:
"In the 800m race, riders start in a lane, but at some point (usually the first turn) non-lane racing rules apply. Dismounts are allowed."

But the first set makes no sense at all, if a Waterfall Start is chosen... So why do we formulate something at this point that under certain circumstances does not apply at all? Why don't we make clear at this point which possibilities exist for the starting line-up and which rules have to be observed in which case? I would consider this to be more logical and clearly arranged.


No opinions on my last point? I can understand that for most of us it is clear how to start - but I think the smaller inconsistencies in the rules we could clear up with the change.


You are right about that last point, the rules are indeed not internally consistent there.

If you make a proposal I will probably support it, depending on the actual text.


I would like to propose something like that:

Old Rule:

2B.6.3 800m Race

In the 800m race, riders start in a lane, but at some point (usually the first turn) non-lane racing rules apply. Dismounts are allowed.


New Rule:

2B.6.3 800m Race

There are two different ways to run an 800m race, remounting after a dismount is allowed in both ways:

1. 800m Race with Stagger Start: Riders are started in separate lanes, at separate locations. The race shall be run in lanes as far as the nearer edge of the breakline where riders may leave their respective lanes. The breakline shall be an arced line marked after the first bend across all lanes other than lane 1. To assist athletes identify the breakline, halved tennis balls can be placed on the lane lines immediately before the intersection of the lines and the breakline. After the breakline, non-lane racing rules apply.

2. 800m with Waterfall Start: Riders are started at a curved starting line that places all riders an equal distance from the first turn. If a waterfall start is used, non-lane rules apply from the start.


The rule already contains the proposed text from the other discussion on the 800m race - the text can of course be replaced by the text resulting from the other discussion. Or we bring both discussions together to one proposal.


I think this change from old rule to new rule in2B.6.3 will have (or should have) an effect on 2B.6.9. If 2B.6.9. stays unchanged, we create redundancy. So it's better to include any changes to 2B.6.9 in this same proposal.


Of course we shouldn't create redundancy, so the consequence would be to delete the ways of running a 800m race from 2B.6.9

New Rule 2B.6.9

2B.6.9 Lane Use

In most races, a rider must stay in his or her own lane, except when the rider has to swerve to avoid being involved in a crash. In all other cases, a rider who goes outside their lane is disqualified. Going outside a track lane means that the tire of the unicycle touches the ground outside his assigned lane. Riding on the marking is allowed. No physical contact between riders is allowed during racing. The 400m race is started with a stagger start. The 800m race may be started in one of two ways:
• Waterfall Start: This is a curved starting line that places all riders an equal distance from the first turn. If a waterfall start is used, non-lane rules apply (see below).
• Stagger Start: Riders are started in separate lanes, at separate locations. They must stay in their lanes for a specified distance before they may ‘cut in’ to the inside lanes. Lane rules apply only up to this point.

And to be totally consequent the sentence: "The 400m race is started with a stagger start." should be moved to 2B.6.2 400m Race and also crossed out of 2B.6.9.

New Rule 2B.6.2

2B.6.2 400m Race

The 400m race is started with a stagger start, where riders are started in separate lanes, at separate locations. In the 400m race, riders must stay in their lane, and a dismount results in disqualification.


I would even go so far to mention the starting line-up in all race descriptions, so also at 100m, One-Foot and Wheel Walk. But maybe it would be better to create an extra proposal for that?


The text you have now is OK with me.

I'm OK with also describing the start positions for 100m, onefoot and wheelwalk, in 2B.6.1, 2B.6.2 and 2B.6.5 respectively. Let's wait and see if others agree, I hope they will visit this thread and comment! If so, it could be a single proposal for all of them, as they are quite related.

While you're at it (once you are), you could take look at the hierarchy of 2B.6.1 u/i 2B.6.5. They are of a different (lower) order than 2B.6.6 and onwards, which makes it harder to read/understand. I think there should be no body text directly below 2B.6. The only text for 2B.6.1 should be "These races should be part of every Unicon". Then what are now 2B.6.1 u.i 2B.6.5 should become 2B.6.1.1 u/i 2B.6.1.5. The current 2B.6.6 should be come 2B.6.2 etc.


For 100m, One Foot and Wheel Walk it could be something like "For the 100m / One Foot / Wheel Wlak  race all riders start at the same starting line, each rider in a separate lane."


I agree that the hierarchy of 2B.6.1 u/i 2B.6.5 is a litte bit confusing and that it would be more logical to have them under an extra headline - for example "2B.6.1 Track Racing Disciplines" with the text "These races should be part of every Unicon" and then having 2B.6.1.1 u/i 2B.6.1.5 for the dicipline descriptions. But this probably leads us a little to far away from the actual topic in this discussion - with such a reorganization one should also think about where to integrate the relay consistently and where to arrange the IUF slalom. But I think you can start an extra discussion for that.


Are there any comments on this topic from other committee members?

Especially if two separate proposals should be created for the shift of the start variants and the new definition of the breakline or if the whole thing should be summarized in one single proposal.


I do not have a strong opinion.


I have decided to make separate proposals in order to minimise the risk of a major change being rejected because a small part of the changes are rejected.

It may seem a bit more complicated now, but anyone who would have agreed to a change as a whole can also agree to the two changes separately, because in that case the result is the same. 

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