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Section 3B.6.4.3 says: "Previous results are valid: If a rider has already completed a result of 45 seconds or greater at another competition, they can start automatically in the finals and they don't have to take part in the qualification round, provided that the result can be found in an official result list."

I partly agree with that rule. On the one hand I think it is a good way to run the qualification round quicker but on the other hand I think it is not ok to use a time which you have done 5 or 7 years ago. In my opinion your "qualification time" must have been done within the last one or maximum two years. Otherwise you can ride 45s once and are automatically qualified for every slow final at every Unicon.

To emphasize what I mean, I will make an example: I did the 45s for the first time for sure 6 years ago. Now I stop unicycling but in 10 years from now I decide to participate again at a Unicon. I fill in the registration, search the result list from 2013 and am qualified (without practicing slow for at least ten years) for the finals. Does not make sense to me.

I therefore propose to add something like this to the above mentioned rule. "The official result list may not be older than two years." (mothertongue english people please help me to write it nicely) :-)


I agree.

If more people agree, I think that this discussion #68 and discussion #67 can result in a single proposal.


Reading 1D.1 in the Rulebook, I think that what is called "Finals" in 3B.6.4.3, should really be called "Expert" competition.
"Finals" are between "Finalists", and they are chosen based on competition results at the current convention.


I agree to have one proposal in the end as it affects the same rule.

Expert is fine for me too.


I think the topic is difficult to separate from the other discussion (qualification and final rounds slow races) and is therefore also discussed there.
However, I would definitely agree that if the exception for slow races is maintained and a qualification does not have to take place at the same competition, the validity of previous competition results should be limited.


I agree with that but let's first see if the exception is maintained. Restricting the validity term of previous results is a moot point if previous results don't count at all.

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