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Hi all,

I just wanted to check what the status is on this committee. It seems there's a bunch of discussions that have been opened but where the consensus is not to move ahead and make them a proposal – it might make sense to close those. I also am curious if anyone have had time to make a draft for the new rules in the actual rulebook (based on the changes agreed in passed proposals) or what the process going forward is there.

Given that everyone has had time to propose stuff it would seem now would be a good time to patch up and publish the new rules so they can be used for any tournaments that may come up. In any case we have a tournament in Denmark on March 29-31 so if there's a version of either the new rules or a draft published it would be awesome to use that.



I have tried to contact IUF to get instructions on what the next step is. Scott Wilton wont reply and Emile is fed up with the process and doesn't care. The email to contact IUF doesn't appear to be working. I have now sent an email to Olaf Schlote and will see if I can get a response.

I think usually they require the entire rulebook changes to be put into one document with the new rulebook, however since most of the other rulebooks have not even started it may be years until that happens. Perhaps hockey should take our rulebook away from IUF and publish it ourselves :|

My opinion is that the rulebook changes for hockey are completed


Ok cool. I think the rulebook changes are tracked here: I've messaged Felix Dietze to ask for instructions on how to update it there. If that is indeed where the rulebook changes is being tracked I can take the lead on updating the rulebook and post a draft here.

I agree the changes are complete and that we should move ahead to get the hockey rules updated.


Another thing: let's check over the next couple of days if anyone has any other proposals. Otherwise let's move ahead and close the discussions that are open and just keep this one for the review of the new rulebook.


Sounds good to me


Hi Steven,

I apologize for the delay in response. Facebook messenger is not a great way to get ahold of me as there is no way to keep track of messages or tag them in any useful way. In the future, please email me ( and I will do my best to be prompt in response. In answer to your questions:

1. The rulebook committee will start in just a few days. (Less than a week.)
2. Within the next two weeks, I will create a draft/preliminary 2019 IUF Rulebook that all finished proposals will be applied to as they pass. I will add all of the hockey proposals to it, and send a copy over to you. Do you have a preferred email address I should use? Any organization and/or event (outside of Unicon) has the ability and choice to use the preliminary Rulebook, and/or select chapters thereof (i.e. hockey) as the governing rulebook for them, and thus the new hockey rules could be used in practice too. I hope this is helpful.

Scott Wilton


Hi all,

I've added a pull request to the rulebook github:

The new rules can be reviewed here:

Please double check and let me know if I've missed something.

One thing I did think about when reviewing the rules was that there's some inconsistency in what's included under fouls and what's included under safety but I guess we can update that in the next revision.



Ill check it when I have time thanks Magnus.


Is it possible to do a copy with the changed rules in red font so its easier to see what was changed and what wasn't?


It was pointed out I didn't update the headline for the "Stop Timer" handsign. That is now done and the new version can be found here:

As for watching changes I'm not sure how to highlight changes in the PDF. Personally I've just gone through all the proposals and checked if the new text matches what was agreed. I'm sure errors can have sneaked in (like me missing the headline) so the more people can check the better.

Another way to check if it's done right is to check the changes on github ( – each of the first "commits" correspond to a proposal so it should be easy to compare the changes made with the proposal. The last commits are me changing things I had overlooked earlier.


There was an oversight in the first draft of the new rules – thanks Herbie for pointing it out. Has anyone else caught any other oversights or errors or have other comments to the new version of the rules?


First thank you Magnus for your work, its great.

I reviewed the pdf in the dropbox, here my comments:

1. Porposal 16: you missed to delete a lines (139, Steven did not mark it red in the proposal)

2. Proposal 7: you copied the title also into the text, so "Stop Timer Form the letters ..." is twice in the rulebook


Another thing: What about the translations? I remember working on the translation to german two years ago, but the translated rules were never published on the iuf website.



The free shot is the standard penalty for all violations of the rules. It is applied in all

cases except for those explicitly mentioned in sections 14B.6.2-14B.6.4. The free shot is

executed from the point where the violation was done. Exceptions: If a team receives a

free shot within the opponents’ goal area, the free shot is executed at the closest corner

mark (corner shot). If a team receives a free shot within their own goal area, the free

shot is done (should be "taken")


14B.7.2 Penalty Shootout

Three of the players from each team get one penalty shot each. If it is still a draw, each

team shoots one more penalty until there is a decision. It is possible that one player can

take more than one shot. However, in all cases at least two other players have to take a

shot before the same player can shoot again.

For the penalty, all players except for a defending goalkeeper leave the corresponding

half of the playing field. The goalkeeper must be close to the goal line, at least until the

attacking player has had contact with the ball. The Referee places the ball on the center

point and the player taking the shot will, after the whistle of the Referee, play the ball

from there, trying to score a goal. The player must remain in motion towards the goal

line with no backwards movement or stopping allowed. Once the ball has been shot, the

play shall be considered complete. The ball must be kept in motion towards the goal

line (no backwards movement allowed) and once it is shot, the play shall be considered

complete (needs to be deleted). No goal can be scored on a rebound of any kind (an exception being the ball

off the goal post and/or the goalkeeper and then directly into the goal), and any time

the ball crosses the goal line, the shot shall be considered complete.




As Nicolai said you copied Stop timer into the text of the Stop timer foul.


Great job Magnus, those were the only ones I had which were the same as Nicolai. I put them above with the rule number in case it makes it easier to find for you.


if we make translations I think we should attempt to disseminate them ourselves if we cant rely on IUF


Are you able to get those final few changes fixed up Magnus?


Scott has put the rule changes into a draft rulebook.

This will be going into the IUF rulebook so can we look through and see if it seems to be correct?


Only hockey has been changed in this rulebook



Apologies in the delay in getting back on this. I've been busy but I'll get the final corrections in there this week and send out another draft for review.

@Steven, I'll reach out to you directly as it's probably easier to make sure everything is in there that way than checking here.


Hey Magnus,


Scott Wilton has provided the changes in a draft (that will officially be entered into the rulebook) so perhaps hold off we should have a look at what will officially go in.

Link is two comments above.


It is the entire rulebook however only hockey has been changed with the new rules.


I have seen that – Scott has just implemented my changes so it's all good. I also got all the pages when I ran the code to make the rulebook but just took all that's not hockey away.


I selected Chat 14 from this 2. draft file with printing to .pdf and run ocr over because the .pdf was protected. Now I am able to comment on this .pdf (if necessary), I will start tonight.

If Scott gives use a little more time we would be able to do the reorganisation and moving sections without changing rules. From the second draft to the final 2019 version.

When the final version has been done Nicolai we should come together for the translation into German. Probably we need advise how it could be implemented into IUF used format. I would prefer working in .doc format because I have no idea to transform it into IUF used format.


Two years ago we worked with transifex ( If we work with the same tool, most of the text should already be translated and we only have to adapt the changes and check the translation. For me its easiest to work within the final format.


Hi all,

Apologies in the delay in getting back. I've uploaded a new version of the rules with the changes mentioned above. Please find it here ( and let me know if you have any comments about it.

Given that it seems we have some more time than expected it seems it wouldn't be too much of a problem working on a reorganisation (keeping the rules as they are).




Translation will be done in the Transifex system and as you say, most of the text should copy over. This makes the most sense to do later in the edit process.


You can view an updated draft hockey rulebook with your changes above here:


Additionally, here is a pdf that compares the 2017 rulebook with the 2019 draft, as requested by Steven.


I think there is a large variation in the capitalisation of the word Referee. Sometimes it is "Referee" other times it is "referee".

I think in most instances "referee" should be correct


Very true. I'm updating it so we only capitalize it if it's used in a capitalized header. I'll just push the update to Github and update the link


With that said we probably need to figure out how to capitalize "First Referee" and "Second Referee" in the text. It seems rather consistent right now (always capitalized) but it does break with not capitalizing "the referee"/"referees"/etc. I think it might be good if a native speaker wants to chime in on it.


On a totally unrelated note. Who should we talk to about getting the other committees going? I'm in a number of other committees too, but only this one and flatland seem to have any activity.


When using as a title like first referee and second referee I believe it should be capitalised. If saying the referee should blow his whistle I think it's not capital.

Scott is the one to talk to but since he's posted here he would be aware if the other rrul books


Ok – there were two places where "first referee" was not capitalised and one place I had uncapitalised it. I've corrected it and sent it to Github.

So now referee is written all lowercase (except if it's in a headline or first in a sentence) and First/Second Referee is all capitalised. It may be we should change it later but right now it's consistent.


And we could also potentially look at reorganizing. I believe that most bits that need to be moved are common sense. If I get time I can have a look but I am not sure when that will be

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