4B.5 Number Of Players - Clarification if a team has less than 3 Players (Closed for comments)

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There are many cases how a team has not enouph players

1. Occasionally on UNICONs (or in a national league a team (or members of a  team) is not showing up ore with less than 3 players because

a. Members of this team are participating in an other event/ dicipline

b. Players got lost e.g. Team „Rest of the world“

c. ???

2. Number of players reduced on the field dueto

a. The third player get injured

b. The third player has problems with his equipment

c. The third player is sent off the field (penalty box) by the referee

d. ???


In the case of 1. on a German tournament if the teams can give notice of a delay probably the timetable can be changed in agreemment with the other teams. If this is not possible or no information comes in a curtain to the organizer of the tournament this game would be lost, in the records with the result of 0-10 lost and the tournament starts with the next game.

In cases of 2. the IUF rulebook and German league modus have no rules how to handle these situations.

Do we have time left for discussions in this committee and find clarifications for different situations?


I believe so. 


I believe the minimum players of 3 is to reduce the waste of time of everyone else in the competition by playing only 2 people. In our league if a team is "late" to a comp if EVERY team at the comp agree to move their game we will move it. Otherwise they forfeit. 

In terms of number of players on the field reduced through injury/equipment malfunction. Technically a person with a broken unicycle can stay on the field and be considered a player despite having no ability to take part in play. However it would be irresponsible to encourage an injured person to remain on the field just so a team can continue to play.

Perhaps it would be seen as fair to allow a team to play as long as they had 3 players at the START of the first half. Then if they lose players due to any reason they may continue to play with less than 3?


If we relate to your 2 last sentences and nobody complains and find this as common scene you can review your proposal 12 again:

"A team on the field consists of up to five players with an minimum of three players for the beginning of this game."


The rest should we leave to the hockey director decision and put not in the rulebook.

If we do so, I would close this discussion


I agree with this


Added to current proposal.

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