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This is leading on from a discussion in the last rulebook committee.

The current rule for safety

12B.1 Safety All riders must wear a helmet, shin guards, and shoes as defined in chapter 1D.1. Gloves and knee protection are recommended.


Helmet = protection from brain injury from high fall

Shoes = if you fall and get a toe stuck in an obstacle you could very well snap it.

Shinguard = ?? Rarely would a fall onto your shin result in a broken bone and most shinpads would not make a difference to that result anyway. Hitting your shin while being very uncomfortable is likely to need stitches at worst and most of the time only require bandaid/bandage.


Why is shin guards a requirement? Surely we should add shinguards to the "recommended" protection along with gloves and knee protection. We currently have riders using shinpads made out of cardboard stuck around their legs, this shows how necessary shinpads are.



Why? Because every rulebook committee we're able to remove one piece of required protection. It started with gloves, then knee pads, this year could be shin ;)

I'm all for it.


haha, that comment is gold, Emile.



Any issues from anyone else? Otherwise proposal :P


go ahead

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