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I'm starting to write down the chapter and I'm having a bit of a headache with this one and will need help to formulate the sentence correctly. As you can see, runs are easy to define, best trick on the other hand...! 

A run starts and ends anywhere on the course. Runs go for 40 seconds. Time starts when the announce calls it, and ends at 40 seconds.


How do we define best trick? I can't be a single trick because then a crankflip to grind crankflip out for example wouldn't count. Should we apply the combo definition from flat? If we do, would a jump to an obstacle footplant trick count? What about jump to coast on a manny pad outspin down. That would work with flatland definition of combo. Maybe it would work if used the de


Best tricks
A best tricks is done anywhere on the course. Riders will alternate for every attempt they have. Best trick must be a single trick or a combo done on the course.

Does that work? Our current definition of "combo" is A combo is a chain of landed tricks uninterrupted by hopping, or idling.


Hmm would that combo definition work if someone did say someone does a grind to one foot ride? 


We need to think closely about "A best tricks is done anywhere on the course." Because technically a combo done anywhere on the course means you can go to the flat part and do a flat combo lol.

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