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I know that a lot of people will be sad there there is now only "one" street competition (even though slopestyle was never officially in the rulebook). I'm sure some smaller event than Unicon would like to have strictly a slopestyle or a BT competition. I think if we added a small text at the end of the new street chapter we could make everyone happy.

Something along the lines of this:

For continental and local competitions, the host may chose to break down the street competition into a smaller format. If the host decides to remove the "Best Trick" part, the competition is then called "Slopestyle" and must simply remove any rule attached to "Best Trick". If the hose decides to remove the "Runs" part, the competition is then called "Best Trick Contest" and must remove any rule attached to "Runs". i.e No prelims for "Best Trick Contest", directly to finals. If the host decides to break down the event, all other original rules must be followed. 

It's not perfect, but I think it could be great as you could have rules for 3 street events, without encouraging having more than just new street at Unicon.


If we ran either of the standalone sections at Australian nationals I think it would be a very brief/crap competition.

Comps where you don't have your own specifically made course (most smaller comps) will not work very well for the slopestyle portion as riders will spend too long riding between obstacles OR the park may have multiple obstacles but only if you go in a particular direction down the course. If the riders gets to the bottom in 20 seconds they then have to run back up to the top while the timer counts down to have another go at the different obstacles on the course.

If you just run best trick part then the comp will be super brief because each rider will get 5/6 tricks total and that is it.

The current format allows an average skate park to still be useful for local comps because each rider has time to set up for a run while the previous ones are riding. Just food for thought.


A longer time per run could make it possible to run back up and have another go in smaller parks.
Or more, shorter runs could solve it.

It would require the number/lenght of the runs to be adjustable for smaller comps.


Only the slopestyle part would generally work as a 'street' competition though. Only the best trick part would probably not work as a full 'street' comp, so should we allow prelims for that, if only best trick is done?

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