Move 14B.6 Penalties section after 14B.7 Event flow section

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Move 14B.6 Penalties section after 14B.7 Event flow section so that it comes IMMEDIATELY before 14B.8 Fouls section.


Move 14B.6 Penalties says "In every instance of a violation of the rules the Referee must penalize the offending team, unless the Referee decides not to interrupt the game (advantage)." and then states all the types of penalties that can be given, free shot, 6.5m, penalty goal, face off, penalty box.


Then we have an entire section (14B.7) on event flow which talks about game durations, penalty shootouts riding the unicycles contact with the ball etc.


Then we have 14B.8 Fouls which lists all the fouls you can be penalised for.


Surely it makes more sense in the rule to have event flow before penalties so that the penalties section describes what you rule after a foul has occured, then you have the second listing all the fouls directly after it.



In my opinion only halve way right but in the right direction. Get our rules more logical sorted.

- Event flow

- followed with all what stops the event flow:

-- Safety, Goal shots, Fouls

- Penalties


This would be a bundle of resorting and should be the last proposal to take into account which proposals with reorganising had passed.


Thanks for bringing this up Steve. I agree that we need to adjust the flow, and also agree with Herbert that maybe other sections should be reordered too.

All IUF Rulebook parts (except Freestyle, which also includes 'judging' and list of 'skills') have an identical structure of:

- Overview

- Competitor Rules

- Judges and Official Rules

- Event Organizer Rules

I suggest whatever we change, we keep this structure.


I think the following would work well for 14B Competitor Rules:

- Number of Players

- Rider Identification 

- Unicycles

- Sticks

- Event Flow

- Protests

- Safety

- Goal Shots

- Fouls

- Penalties


I was unsure where 'Protests' should go, but I feel it makes sense to put it after 'Event Flow'.


A general or generic improvement of the rulebook structure hockey is probably more an organising/ editing problem than a rule issue and will not fit into a proposal of this committee.



I feel like we could also tackle this issue, as we are a 'rulebook committee'. I'm willing to look into this further if others feel it could take a little more time.


Gareth do you want to have a go at it?


If others agree it is needed, then I will have a look at it next week if I get time.





Gareth, are you making progress?


Hi Herbert, sorry, I've been super busy recently.. I may have time to look at it over the holidays. Will let you know.


For the second draft, should we now resort the rest?



It would make sense to move the safety rules under the fouls section since each violation of the penalty rules is a foul. Personally I want to release the new rules as quickly as possible but if someone can take a look at it and resolve the rest it would be great



Anyone wishing to step up and complete this reorganization? Otherwise I suggest we make a note of it and complete it in the next rulebook update cycle

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