14B.7.9 Moving The Goal: Result?

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"The players are not allowed to move the goal."

There is no description here that says what happens when a goal is moved. What happens if it's moved when an opposing player shoots at the goal, resulting in the ball missing the goal? What happens if the goal is accidentally moved without having an influence on the game? What should be done to the goal when it is moved? When should this be done?

I propose we mention here what should happen what a goal is moved.


14B.7.9 Moving The Goal The players are not allowed to move the goal. 


I think moving the goal should be placed under "Fouls".


If we move this under fouls it solves the problem of adding more text of "what should be done" because of the text saying all fouls should be penalised or advantage played.



I personally would penalise the offending team and provide a free shot to the non offending team which gives time to replace the goal. Similar to any other foul, advantage can also be played if necessary though.


Any other thoughts?


Moving this to fouls and keeping in mind that it's hard to play the advantage would solve this problem. It is a difficult thing to see as a ref, since typically the goal gets moved when lots of people are scrambling around it and it's hard to see who would be most responsible.


Yes, I agree that moving this to 'fouls' would solve this.

What if the goal has accidentally been moved when the goalkeeper has fallen off their unicycle, and their unicycle then moves the goal; however, this does not interfere with the flow of the game (the ball and players could be on the other side of the court). Calling this a foul would be unnecessary, as it would stop whatever is happening on the other side of the court.

I feel this should only be a foul if it has affected the flow of the game.


The problem I see with not counting this as a foul and giving either a change of possession or advantage is that a referee should ultimately be replacing the goal back (not the goalie), if one referee is having to go and replace a goal then they are unable to ref effectively for the duration and you have an issue with reffing. What happens if they are replacing the goal and a controversial goal/foul happens while they are trying to do it. The referees couldn't discuss the appropriate avenue to take as one didn't see it.

Ice hockey rule is "If the position of the goal net is altered in any way during game action, play will be stopped if the goal net does not return to its normal position. If the goal net returns to its normal position, game action will continue"

I am not sure if that means the goalie can replace the goals but I think it means if  from being hit the goals move upward then land back down in place with the pegs in the holes in the ice then play should continue...


If we think only the referee should replace goals then correct procedure in this case would probably be to stop play. In that case the ball goes to the non offending team. Alternatively advantage could be given. I think in an official important comp we don't want to be taking a referee from refereeing while play still continues.






14B.7.9 Moving The Goal The players are not allowed to move the goal.

Should be moved under fouls.


In regards to should the referee penalise a team if the goalie accidentally falls off far away from play 14B.6 Penalties says that in every instance of a violation of rules the referee should penalise the offending team or play advantage.

So in this case the referee should play advantage or penalise.


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