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This started out as a discussion (Discussion 161) and proposal (Proposal 84) in the Track Subcommittee, because the intent was to change the definition of Track Coasting in there. Later it was suggested to remove the definition of Coasting from the Track Chapter altogether and move it to Definitions, 1D.1. The Track section about coasting would implicitly refer to 1D.1 for a definition. There is also a definition in 8E.1.11, which can also be deleted because the definition in 1D.1 is sufficient.

In this way, this proposal affects three chunks of text in different sections of the Rulebook, being handled by three separate subcommittees. I am not a member in all three of them, so I don't know how I should go about this. I put it all in here, in the Main Committee.

Is it necessary to have formal proposals about the suggested deletions in Chapters 3 and 8 in the respective subcommittees? I can't do both of them due to lack of membership.


Is Standard Skill still a thing? Zzzzzzzzz....

Even if it is, for purposes of Standard Skill, it is already made clear that the rider is on a "Standard" (or "Regular") unicycle so it shouldn't be an issue there.

The exclusion of Freewheel unicycles from Coasting competition is something specific to that event, and I don't know that it helps us to move the definition. It's not that a Freewheel unicycle unicycle isn't a unicycle that can coast; it is. Really we just want to make clear that you can't use a Freewheel uni in the Coasting event, which is intended for "Regular" unicycles.

If Freewheel unicycles get more common in the future, I can see adding an event (or three) for them later.


Proposal has been accepted; but with a very short review time. Voting will also be shorter.

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