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Apart from trials, definition is a brief definition of what the event is. Having definitions for timed runs and best trick here seems out of keeping with every section except perhaps trials. I think


Examples from other disciplines sections

10A.1 Definition

Flatland is a skills competition where riders perform tricks on a flat surface. The competition consists of preliminary rounds, followed by a battle-style final.

11A.1 Definition

Street is a skills competition where riders perform tricks on urban obstacles (stair sets, platforms, ramps, rails, etc.). Riders are judged on the skill and creativity of moves and combinations they do. The competition consists of preliminary rounds, followed by a final.

4A.1 Definition

Road races are longer distance races held on paved roads or paved bike paths. These rules specifically apply to 100k, Marathon, and 10k races, but may also be applied to other road races, such as a Time Trial or a Criterium. 


11B.6 Event Flow Event flow is how an event should be run. I think perhaps the Timed runs and best tricks should be moved from definitions to here as they are how it is run.

11B.6.1 Riders Must Be Ready. This should be on its own line if it is a heading the below text.

The Chief Judge chooses how to handle the riders who are not ready at their scheduled competition time. They may be disqualified or allowed to perform after the last competitor in their category.

This seems a bit odd to me. It is world championships, riders need to be on time. We won’t host advance competitions because it is a world championships but we will potentially allow riders to miss their competition because they sleep in/are hungover/riding with others and forget the time and still get to compete?

It is world championships. Allowing the chief judge to choose just brings up the possibility of favouritism. If a rider I like turns up late and I allow them to compete despite them not having a good reason everyone wonders if I only let them because I am friends with them. If it is a continually outspoken rider that people do not like to see win perhaps, they would have been treated differently. Would the Olympics allow Usain Bolt to go into the next semi-final because he missed his start time?


11C.3.5 Slopestyle Street Comp Judging

 11C.3.5.1 Preliminary Round

Timed Runs only.  If 2 runs are made, the highest scoring run is counted. If 3 runs are made, the sum of the 2 highest scoring runs is counted. Scored out of 100 points using the following criteria.

Should this be average?


11C.3.5.2 Finals

Competitors are judged on Timed Runs and Best Trick, with 70% of the final score based on Timed Runs and 30% based on Best Trick. The final score of the Timed Runs is based on the sum of the each competitor’s 2 highest scoring runs.


Timed Runs scored out of 100 points using the following criteria:


Best Tricks are scored out of 100 points using the following criteria:


Once the judges assign places for every competitor the results can be calculated with timed runs and Best Tricks providing a percentage of the total points. Timed Runs will provide 70% of the competitors total score with Best Trick providing 30% of the total score for a total of 100%.

After prelims, the highest scoring 5-8 competitors will move on to the finals. In finals, the rider with the most points is the winner.

This shouldn’t be here, it talks about moving on to finals under the heading for finals. The 70:30% make up of points is in the first paragraph under finals but also repeated at the end.








I think the riders on time thing was taken from the original street rules but I don't know if it is smart to keep it in

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