Updating the Rulebook (Closed for comments)

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In 1A.3 (How the Rulebook is Updated) it says:

The [Rulebook] Committee should finish their business and make their specific proposals within three (3) months of the close of the  Unicon.

Is that realistic? I think at least six month is usually needed from the close of Unicon.

1A.3 also says:

Anyone may submit a potential change to IUF Rulebook at any time. These will not be official proposals, but suggestions for potential topics during the next Rulebook session. A forum will also be provided to discuss potential changes throughout the year.

Is that correct? Do we actually do that?
* If so, I never knew and this must be more widely known.
* If not so, let's change (or delete, as the case may be) the text to reflect reality.


Oops, I started this already as Discussion 146. Will close this discussion now.

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