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In 1A.3, it is stated that the new Rulebook must be finalised within 3 months after Unicon closes.
This is not realistic, even without considering the very slow start this round in various Subcommittees. I don't know what to realistically ask, but it should at least be 6 months, I think.

In the same section, it is stated that anyone can submit potential changes to the Rulebook at any time.
Is this true? What do we have to enable this? (Forum? E-mail address? ...)


For submitting changes: ? Add this link: https://unicycling.org/contact/  ?

I like the shorter timeframe of 3 months.



I am in favor of trying to get it done sooner rather than later, while things are fresh in peoples' minds. Also I highly recommend that we have an available place for people to submit ideas, fixes and suggestions. Some of our best ideas have come from "out of the blue", often from new people, or even non-unicyclists who have a fresh way of looking at things.


The text says a forum will be provided throughout the year. That's different from a website contact page - you can submit something there, but you can't discuss.

I understand the desire to not waste time and freshness of ideas, but the time frame should not be too short. In practice, holiday season often continues for almost a month after Unicon which leaves 2 months effectively. Now for the Rulebook we have less than 2 months but not very much less. And I don't like the time pressure we have now.

Text in the Rulebook in this respect should reflect reality. If we have the ambition to finish business in three months and have shown this can be done, we can change the time.
Similar with the forum. If we want that, let's first create it, and only then announce it in the Rulebook. As it is now, I'm fine with deleting the forum from the rulebook and adding the contact page link in stead.


I like the forum idea. Perhaps not limit it to competition rules, but have it be about how to make these big events better? But it would need moderators, to keep things organized and make sure people are not abusing it.

Could we use Gilby's existing forums, if he agrees to host it? That's something that's already set up, or do we want to keep it in house, so to speak.


That may be a fine idea. But as long as we don't have it, we shouldn't pretend we do, so it should not be in the Rulebook now.

It doesn't hurt the other way (by which I mean, it's not in the Rulebook while we do have it).


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If anything I would suggest adding a sentence about collecting that info from the IUF Contact page, lest it be forgotton, deleted or otherwise not receive any attention. Something like 

"All messages received on the IUF's Contact form related to competition rules will be forwarded to the Rulebook Chair, and shared with the relevant committees  as potential ideas for proposals."

I notice the IUF's Contact form has a topic list that covers all the major areas of competition, but I would recommend adding one there for "Convention Ideas" or similar. A place for people to talk about what they like and don't like about our conventions, or ideas they may have for new or different activities. Connie, please forward to Robin or Tamas or whoever.  :-)


I would agree that something like "All messages ... proposals" should be done.

I don't think, however, that such a sentence should be in the Rulebook. It's about the internal processes of the IUF, and the Rulebook is not intended for that.

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