7C.4.8 Nominating Freestyle Judges

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This section has always been confusing to me. It isn't clear how the number of participants per party is tabulated. Is it total number of participants from a country when you add up pairs + groups + individual, etc.? Or is it per event (ie. pairs)? Or is it per age group/category?

Having been Artistic Director it is nearly impossible to interpret this rule and hold countries accountable for providing enough judges. Does anyone have any ideas as for how to simplify/clarify this?


I think it is more fair to be per event as one person can be in 3 routines which means you need that many more judges.

What about adding this sentence:

"For the purpose of counting judges, an "Artistic Freestyle participant" is defined as a routine (example: If Country A has 3 individuals, 2 sets of Pairs, and 1 Small Group, then they have 6 participants and will need 2 judges)."





Yes I think that is fair.

I also wonder about a clarifying statement that the judges need to be available to judge the categories that routines are signed up for. In the example that you provide, it wouldn't work if a country provides 3 judges but they are all competitors and have conflicts for the categories that their country has participants in. This often happens.


Yes, I also think that is fair.

I think for some countries I might be really difficult to find judges who are non-competitors. I don't think that I would make that a rule. 


I've made a proposal. Patricia may make modifications ...

I've also changed the end of review date as this proposal is late, but it is a good clarification of the rules.

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