7B.6.1.2 Large Group - create maximum number? (Closed for comments)

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Current rule is this:

7B.6.1.2 Large Group
Minimum of nine riders, no maximum number of riders.

In Japan they have changed this so the small group is 3 to 9 riders; large group is 10 to 18 riders.

There was a lot of opinions about this from many competitors and coaches; They said,  "there is an upper limit to small but there is no upper limit to Large," it's not fair as a competition. For example, what can be expressed by 3 and 10 people, the formation and so on also differ greatly. Likewise, 10 and 24 people also differ greatly


What do others think about creating a maximum for Large Group? And changing the numbers?


At the expense of suggestion another competition, which is not something I actually want to have to organize, I think there are really four approximate group sizes:

~4 riders
8 riders
16 riders
24 riders

When I think of skills, formations, and possibilities, each of the sizes offers different routines. I'm not sure the best way to fit that into our small and large group competitions though.


I think it makes sense to keep the rules as they are now. Small and large freestyle are sufficiently different that it makes sense to have two categories, but I don't see problems with teams bringing too many riders. As cool as it is to have a lot of riders it also makes it a lot harder to make a routine so I think practicalities end up being the deciding factor for most teams. It's also not an advantage since you typically end up with a lower level (even if only slightly) than you otherwise would have had.


I think that we should keep the things the way they are. I'm not sure how to divide things up without creating many more categories. I do think that the sizes Scott came up with are accurate but I also think that there are advantages and disadvantages to having more and fewer riders. I don't think we need a maximum number. There are mentions in the judging rules of taking into consideration number of riders.


I agree with Magnus and Patrica. We should not change the rule. I see more the problem in small groups. A group with 3 people is more like a pair freestyle and 8 people are more like a „normal“ group. But  I would not change it also. 


I am also in favour of not changing this rule


The majority of comments are against a change. I'm closing the discussion.

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