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Traditionally Jr. Expert and Expert riders at Unicon have been allowed to remove their event wristbands for their competitions for costuming reasons. Who has the right to make this decision. Should this be codified in the rules? If so it would likely best fit here:

7B.3 Rider Identification

No rider identification is required.


Let me know if people are in favor of adding this into the rules and I can create a draft.


I think we should add this to the rules so it’s clear for everyone.

But should this only be for jr. expert and expert riders or should all freestylers be allowed to do this for costuming reasons?


If the wristbands are a non-removable style, then I think it should only be done for jr. expert and expert individual and pairs. The wristbands are an important part of Unicon security for the event and the dormitories.


I think we should limit it to Jr. Expert and Expert competitors. If we open it up to more (Large Group for example) then we will have a lot of participants taking off wristbands which could become a security issue.


Ok I didn’t thought about the security issue, but I understand your argumentation. So I agree with you that we should limit it.


I also agree with this and the limit to expert and jr expert. 


Scott, can you create a proposal?


I will.


One edit...it says "riders is competing"

It should either being riders are or rider is.

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