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Hello trials people,


This is one thing that will require A LOT of work. I've done this for flatland in the past rulebook, and it is complicated, but if there is more than 1 person involved in it, then it's easier.


Trial's chapter is A MESS right now. The whole thing needs to be re-written. The goal is to make the rules as clear as possible, but also in as few words as possible. Anything unnecessary should be taken out of the rulebook. A very easy example for this;


In "12D.8 Participation By The Course Setter(s)" 

"Due to the grassroots nature of many events, the course setter(s) are allowed to compete. Although the course setter may initially be more familiar with course sections than the other riders, this should not result in an advantage because everyone is allowed multiple attempts to complete sections."

The only necessary part is "the course setter is allowed to compete. The rest of the information is totally useless. And since the rulebook should (I haven't checked if it does) that you can't ride the course before the competition, it should be fair to everyone anyway. The point is, the explanation is not necessary, the rule is the necessary part as the explanation gives background information which is cool to know, but just like in flatland you say "flow is worth X point" you don't say "flow is worth x points because it feels like it should be worth quite a bunch but not too much because it is a totally subjective score and since judges sometime suck bla bla bla..."


Yeah definitely! How should we do this? Google doc with edits and replace? And once speed trials rules are all voted for and people agree then the speed trials rules should also be updated with your suggestions too. 


I totaly agree to Emile that this should be done. The best way is usually to wait until all proposals are done. Then the "shrinking" can be done and finaly the result should be placed here in the committee for a final voting to be approved by all members. That way everybody can review it and got a final chance to find mistakes / missing content / to hard shrinking.

Im not sure if the rulebook is still hosted in the Git as it was before. The System there offer to output the new, the old and a "changed" Version. Scott should know it.


Olaf is correct.


I also agree that this is necessary. Another example why:

12A.1 Definition:

The object of unicycle trials is to ride over obstacles. A unicycle trials competition takes place on a “course” containing different obstacles called “sections”. Each section is worth one point, and courses typically contain 15-40 or more sections.

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