Update 5B.3 and 6B.3 Rider Identification

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I'm in support of this. However, I think we should include a sentence about what happens when a rider crashes and due to rocks, branches, etc. the race number is torn, damaged, and cannot be mounted anymore during the race. I think the rider should still be able to continue. This is probably not an issue for road races, but might occur in muni races.


I agree with Ben.


Yes, Ben brings up a good point.


Ben - great idea.

How about adding:

[...] Riders who lose or damage their race numbers during a race will not be penalized. Lost or damaged race numbers must be replaced with approval by referee. Additionally, riders may be required to wear a chip for electronic timing.


I like the new sentence, however, I would place it after the one starting with "Lost or damaged...". Otherwise it sounds like the riders have to go to the referee during the race.


Connie, if it’s not too late, I recommend the same change in the road committee too. Both for consistency and for the possibility there. 

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