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In the disciplines Gliding and Coasting (Track), the results are extremely dependent on the wind. But I think also in the other racing disciplines up to 200m tailwind can have a noticeable influence on the performance (in athletics a wind measurement will not be mandatory for no reason).

Therefore I would like to initiate the discussion if it wouldn't make sense to measure the wind in these disciplines.

I think that the rulebook for sure, should not prescribe wind measurement for all competitions in general. The IUF rulebook will also be applied to competitions that do not claim to be at a level where for example World Records are achieved. But I think we could make a certain distinction in the rules between rules that are valid for all competitions and those that only have to be followed in competitions with a certain level. I think that there can be different requirements for a World Championship or a European Championship than for other competitions. The wind measurement would maybe be a rule for competitions that claim to be on a level where World Records are set up.

In the end a rule about wind measurement is not only a maximum wind speed that has to be determined, but also how exactly (i.e. with which equippment, at which position and for which time) the measurement has to be carried out and how the data has to be saved.

There is probably not enough time in the current Rulebook Committee to develop such a completely new rule. But I think we should start thinking about how we want to deal with this in the future and maybe we will manage to give a recommendation or a kind of outlook for the future and integrate it into the rulebook this year.


I agree that wind can be a determining factor in the results of some races.
Creating good and practicable rules is not easy, and I would agree we don't have time for it now.

Is the Rulebook a good place to state an outlook for the future? I doubt it.


Jan & Klaas, Thanks for the discussion and thoughts. Please make a note of this for the next round of Rulebook discussions.
I'm closing this discussion.

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