slow races expert and age group competition (Closed for comments)

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As the majority of this committee wants to go back to rank age groups for slow races, it would be the best way to separate expert and age group competition.

The current system of track races (age group competition and 8 finalists) applied for slow races caused a lot of problems as I described in discussion 67. (These problems are simply negated by some members of this committee.)

Fact is that because of the mentioned problems it was discussed that slow races shouldn't be held any more at Unicons!

Therefore, as John mentioned its the best way to give the decision to the riders, if they want to compete in the expert or in the age group competition.

This system did work very well at the Italian championship 2018.

We should think about of having a board of 30cm (slow forward) and 60cm (slow backward) for age group competition and 15cm (slow forward) and 30cm (slow backward) for expert competition.

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