Selection criteria for UNICON hosts (Closed for comments)

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I think a section on selection criteria for UNICON hosts is missing in the rulebook (or have I missed it?). It would be very helpful for potential hosts to see what would be expected of them and maybe also a ranking of how important specific criteria are for the selection in order to make the whole process more transparent.

What are your thoughts?



Is this an issue for the Competition Rulebook?


To answer Klaas's question, I think this could go either way. Currently in Chapter 1: 1C.1 Convention Aspect and 1C.2 Required Events at Unicon. These sections describe broad level requirements for Unicon, so a section describing desired criteria for a Unicon host could fit here.

I think it could be extremely difficult to agree upon a ranking of these criteria. Ultimately it is the obligation and privilege of the IUF Board to select the Unicon host. Often this involves making a difficult decision weighing many different criteria against each other. I would be okay with adding a section on desired criteria and would not vote against it, however I also do not think it necessary to add to the rulebook. I would not be in favor of a ranked list, both due to the impossibility of consensus and given that this decision is ultimately the role of the IUF Board. 


Thanks for the opening of this discussion and the comments people have made so far. Currently the IUF board has this responsibility to choose hosts.
We now have a very limited time to discuss and fix problems in the rulebook for this year. At this point, I am closing this discussion and I encourage people to continue thinking about solutions for this issue and bring it up again for the next rulebook committee.

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